About us

Introduction To The Wisdom Centre


The Wisdom Cultural and Islamic Centre was first established in April, 2017. Housed in what was previously known as ‘Nechells Baths’ the centre has rapidly undergone a period of extensive renovation in the last few years in order to transform it from the public swimming baths that it once was into a fully functional community masjid.

We are a forward thinking, dynamic organization. We pride ourselves in hosting memorable talks and events, where all of our attendees are well-catered for. We are able to officiate Islamic marriage ceremonies as well as provide vital services for new Muslims.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a peaceful and clean environment within the centre. We also believe in being a positive influence in the community, by encouraging all of our attendees to play an active role in society through helping others and performing charitable deeds.

We categorically condemn any act of terrorism or crime in any shape or form. Moreover, we are a fully independent organization, which is not affiliated to any other group or organization.